New Exhibitions 2018

Threads & Get-Ups

Gallery Walk Reception: June 1 / 6-9pm
Opening Reception: June 2 / 2-6pm
Exhibition Dates: May 26 - June 28, 2018

Red carpet runway fashion show. An art exhibit on how we imagine fashion defines us. Whether you refer to your sartorial splendor as threads, get-up, duds, you can explore how we relate to what we wear. Clothing plays an important part in our everyday lives to enhance self-esteem, position, power, professional identity, or just plain fun. We all need more than our “Birthday Suits” to make our day. A group show of New York based artists: Allan Wexler, Kathleen Bifulco, Lester Barnett, Sherry Schreiber, Janet Culbertson, Ingrid Helfrich, JoAnne Dumas, Nancy Muller, Caroline Waloski are among the artists participating. On view will be paintings, prints, conceptual art, book arts, jewelry, and other wearable art.

Previous Exhibitions

Flights of Fancy

Opening Reception: June 8 / 5 - 7 pm
Exhibition: June 8 - July 31, 2013

Artist in residence, Caroline Waloski will be exhibiting Paintings, Limited Edition Graphics, Objet d’Art in fanciful themes reflecting the maritime and agricultural heritage of Long Island’s North Fork.
A portion of all art sales will be donated to the Greenport Legion Hall Post 185 Skating Rink restoration project.

©Caroline Waloski, My Own Private Garden


Mermainia & Other Fantasies

Caroline Waloski / Intaglio & Relief Prints, Paintings, Unique Collectibles
July 1 – September 4, 2012
Mermania - LiarA new series of paintings and graphics by Waloski, artist in residence. Narrative images that while intensely personal are at the same time universal.
Mermania - Ballet and Divers


All a Twitter
Dianne Martin / Monotypes, Etchings
Conrad J. Obregon / Photography

November 19, 2011 - January 8, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 19/ 6-8pm

Now that many of our feathered friends are migrating south for the winter the Sirens’ Song is a great place to bird watch. These wonderful winged creatures that date back to prehistoric times are essential to our environment, and add beauty to the landscape. Virtually captured in their natural environment by the eye and lens of Obregon, and as imagined and fantasized by Martin in her mixed media works on paper we can observe the many species that make the North Fork their home.

The Manhattan Graphics Center 9/11 Memorial Portfolio

September 24 - November 7, 2011

Forty three artist members of MGC contributed to this portfolio. Five complete portfolios were editioned. The MGC studio was within blocks of Ground Zero the day of the attack. Touched by this horrific event the group decided to collaborate on a portfolio to help heal their sense of shock and loss. The portfolio includes many different graphic mediums including etching, linocut, monotype, lithography. Four of the five portfolios are in the permanent collections of the US Library of Congress, The New York 9/11 Memorial Museum, The New York Historical Society, The New York Public Library.

Caroline Waloski @ The 1st National Intaglio
Print Exhibition.
Sponsored by the New York Society of Etchers.

June 5 - 17, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 9 / 6 - 8 pm
The National Arts Club

15 Gramercy Park South, NYC

Waloski is the artist in residence at The Sirens’ Song Gallery, and has been selected by Roberta Waddell, curator emeritus of the New York Public Library Print Collection to be included in this group exhibition of intaglio printmakers. The entire suite of prints can also be seen at the gallery in Greenport.

Ongoing “Private Stash” From an art dealer’s personal collection the gallery presents the semi-autobiographical watercolors of Ben Schonzeit, early bronze sculpture by Marianne Weil, and three of Gina Gilmour’s oil paintings from the “War Bride” series.

Also on view is an additional collection of select paintings and drawings of still life’s and nature studies by Reynold Ruffins. For more images and information on Ruffins, and his work please scroll down to the “Previous Exhibitions” section.

Femme / Bob Markell
Monotypes and Etchings

June 18 - July 20, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 18 / 6 - 8 pm

Markell’s recent work in the graphic arts along with his paintings depict the female nude in repose. His experimentation with various etching techniques include aquatint, solar plate prints, incorporating chine-colle, and ala poupee, along with the painterly monotype. The decidely modern women are shown in a classic light. Markell has exhibited at the Wallace Gallery in East Hampton, and the Brooklyn Museum.

Also on view as part of “Femme” are the lithographs of Marina Tsesarskaya, the photo compositions of Gary Bartoloni, and the paintings and etchings of Caroline Waloski. Tsesarskaya is from the Ukraine and currently lives and works in NYC. Her work depicts a modern woman with tribal and classical references, as well as being part of nature as a whole. Tsesarskaya was commissioned by the NY Transit Syytem in 2008 to design several panels for the IRT Prospect Avenue station in the Bronx. Bartoloni is a photographer whose passion is documenting the woodlands of Long Island’s East End. In these images you are asked to suspend disbelief. He has exhibited at the OK Harris Gallery in NYC. Waloski has been using her own life experiences as her subject. Her work is a narrative of life’s stages from childhood, through love, motherhood, and being the breadwinner, sometimes with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Her work is in the permanent collection of The Library of Congress and the NY Public Library print collection.
“Femme” is an exhibit depicting women both sensually, innocently, and also with a good helping of fantasy.

Ebb & Flow
Cynthia Back / Shelley Haven

Etchings, Lino-Cuts, Monotypes

August 20 - September 20, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 20 / 6 - 8 pm

A duet of images by artists with a love of the watery landscape. Cynthia Back’s linocuts and collage images are almost abstracted while still giving you a sense of place. Her many layered reduction prints meld into a familiar and comforting view. She had her first solo show at the gallery in 2008. For more information on Back and her work please scroll down to “Previous Exhibitions”. Shelley Haven’s etchings and monotypes also reduce nature to a layered dreamlike, poetic atmosphere. Haven’s work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art Print Collection , The New York Public Library, among others. Both artists exhibit a passion, and state of wonder about natural waterways, and wetlands and the flora surrounding them.

“@ Aldo’s”

North Fork Fantasia / Changing Scenes
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 19, 2010 / 6-9pm
Aldo’s Cafe / 103-105 Front Street / Greenport, NY 11944

Announcing the inaugural reception of a collaboration between Aldo’s Cafe, The Light Registry, and The Sirens’ Song Gallery. The inaugural exhibit features the work of Gary Bartoloni and Caroline Waloski. Both artists have been exploring the magic, and myth of land and sea, and adding their personal edge. This new satellite gallery will offer a monthly changing selection of images. Drop by for a special blend of Aldo’s own roasted coffee, a scone, some music and food for the soul.

“The Organic Girl Chronicles”
Caroline Waloski

May 22 - July 12 , 2010

A new series of paintings based loosely on the theme, we are what we eat. These Bosch like psychedelic dream states are playful autobiographies. Memory of situations and occasions are sometimes triggered by how, and on what we feasted. The saving “grace” comes with the subject being rendered in comic strip style, served up as therapy. Also on view are etchings from the “Who’s Been Sitting In My Chair “ suite along with other biographical and semi autobiographical etchings.

 Deborah Freedman
“Bach Suites & Other Variations”

Paintings, Etchings, Monotypes
July 17 – August 30, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday July 17, 6 – 9pm

Deborah Freedman is a painter and printmaker whose work is deeply informed by nature. Her images of trees, water and mountains are often done as suites varying the image. The changing views as well as the season make these works an exciting study when seen as a whole, as well as individually.

Freedman’s inner eye and skill in etching, monotype, and oil painting captures both the physical and emotional transformation of her subject. An accomplished painter, she began her association with printmaking with Bob Blackburn at N.Y.U. and continued her association with him at his studio in 1987 as a guest artist.

Freedman is a co--founder with Marjorie VanDyke of VanDeb Editions. This New York City based printmaking studio was founded in 1999, dedicated to assisting artists in experimentation in intaglio and monotype, and furthering the appreciation of limited edition prints.

A partial list of collections include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Public Library, Rutgers University, The Department of State and the Library of Congress.

The Sirens Song Gallery is pleased to present Deborah Freedmans work on the North Fork.

“Mark Moffett / Adventure Among Ants”

September 25 - October 18, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday September 25 / 5 - 8pm

A photographic exhibit based on Moffett’s new book of the same title. His up close and personal photos will give you a voyeurs look at their life styles. This latest photographic essay details the parallels between ant and human society. Ant’s like humans are social beings who affect their ecosystem. The colonies divide jobs into civilians and warriors. Moffett’s exhibit, “The Hidden Life of Ants” at the Smithsonian in the fall of 2009 was a critical and popular success. As a photojournalist, explorer, ecologist he has written many articles for the National Geographic and appeared on the Conan O’Brien show. He is the recipient of a National Science Foundation fellowship from Harvard University where he received his doctorate. Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center will be donating an ant farm to observe the live activity of these intriguing and industrious beings.

Along with many lovely photos there will be a book signing the night of the opening. Come meet the adventurers, author as well the ants. Be amazed and in awe of the author as he weaves his tales of adventure. Art meets science…and bring the kids.

“The Affordable Art Fair”

May 7 – May 10, 2009

Visit our booth: H-103 / 7 West 34 Street, NYC
The Sirens’ Song Gallery presents eight artists working in various mediums:
Sally Camp, Sanford Luger, Diane Miller, Marjorie Miller, Toby Needler, Susan Newmark, Carole Turbin,
Caroline Waloski.

www.aafnyc.com / www.sirensongallery.com

“On the Edge”

Coastal & Barrier Plants, Their Friends & Some Enemies

May 22 – June 29, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 23, 6-9pm

A benefit in collaboration with Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center, and New York Sea Grant. The exhibit is a celebration of our local flora and fauna created by local and international artists along with students from The Department of Art at Cornell University. For every purchase of a unique work of art that represents this delicate ecological balance a portion of the sale will be donated to the LIHREC and NYSG. A free series of lectures will be given at the gallery by directors and professors from the program.

“Book Review”

Black & White and Read All Over, Along With the Rest of the Spectrum.

July 3 – August 3
Opening Receptions: Sunday, July 5
3 – 5pm at Floyd Memorial Library
4 – 8 pm at The Sirens’ Song Gallery

Artist expressing themselves in book form, fine art prints, and ephemera, that has to do with the written or printed word. This exhibit is a curatorial collaboration between Poppy Johnson, assistant director at the Floyd Memorial Library/ Rand Huebsch, artist, writer, and co-founder of the Manhattan Graphics Center/ Caroline Waloski, director of the Sirens’ Song Gallery. Local artists as well as those from far and wide who work in the framework of words and the printed page have contributed to this exhibit. Artists included in this exhibit are: Beatrice Coron, Susanna Bergtold, Anneli Arms, Maddy Rosenberg, Susan Roma, Miriam Schaer, Carolyn Sheehan, Susan Joy Share, Bruce Degen, among others.

“What’s On Your Plate?”

In collaboration with The North Fork Foodie Tour
Foodie Tour Art Event :
Sunday, September 13, 2009 / 11am – 5pm

This exhibit is a part of the Third Annual North Fork Foodie Tour event conceived and presented by the North Fork Reform Synagogue, of Cutchogue. Along with the moveable feast along Route 25 and 48 there will be the addition of an art exhibit at Charnew’s Farm on Young’s Avenue in Southhold. The Peconic Land Trust has donated the barn for a one day art event. The arts and crafts exhibited will be all about food. Not only will the tour offer food for your sustenance, but for your soul as well.

The second part of the art exhibit will be presented at the Sirens’ Song Gallery from Saturday, September 8 through Monday, October 5. The feast continues with scrumptious and visually nourishing images produced in graphic printmaking techniques by artists who have created not only images of eatables, but also of our relationship to partaking in the ritual of eating, and the tribal significance.

“S. Neil Fujita / Recent Paintings”

November 7 - December 31, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7 / 4 - 7pm

Fujita is a Renaissance man and living treasure. His long illustrious career as an artist has included design projects for record album and book jackets commissioned by major publishers. His drawings and paintings that appear on these collectibles are in great demand by private collectors, especially in the United Kingdom. His strong connection with Jazz and the artists who created and performed this music is beloved by our cousins across the big pond. His most famous graphic works are the “Take Five” Bruebeck album, and the two book jackets for Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”, and Mario Puzo’s “The God Father”.
Fujita is still actively creating, writing and painting. His new series of portraits of women he has known shows a playful love of women in all their roles, especially in the role of procreators. To Fujita all women are Eve.


An Exploration in Print & Collage by Cynthia Back

May 24 - June 29

Reflective pools, running streams,with rain drops, both figurative and abstracted, set a mood of  tranquility. The artist works in many printmaking mediums as well as painting and collage. Her reductive lino prints are beautifully thought out, and offer a graceful aire of the familiar. Beautiful blue monotoned etchings of water have a life, and movement that both calms, and quickens. Back has been exhibiting her prints here and abroad since 1985. The list of exhibitions include “Multiple Encounters” at the Indira Ghandi Center in New Delhi, India; The Library Show at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn, NY;
She is a recipient of a Pollack-Krasner grant among others.

“...All About Eve”

July 5 - August 3

In the telling of creation, Eve sprung from Adam’s rib as an afterthought. That is where she remained for eons.But there are other ancient myths that regard her as earth mother and goddess. This exhibition presents womankind through all her manifestations, self assessments, and glory. The women in this exhibition are artists from around the globe, including Cuba, Spain, and Russia, they are of various ages, cultures, and ethnicity. They are all presently residing in the US, and not only interpret their inner views, but mirror back popular culture. They translate their innermost thoughts and views of how they see themselves and their sisters to paper, canvas, wood and other mediums.

Anneli Arms, Susanna Bergtold, Kathleen Bifulco, Anna Ferrer, Susan Feldman, Leah Friedman, Dianne Martin, Maria Melero, Marina Tsesarskaya, Caroline Waloski, Felicitas Wetter, Deborah Wiener, Barbara Yoshida

“Doing What Comes Naturally”

April Vollmer / Woodblock Prints

August 9 - September 7

Vollmer’s complex mandela patterns are often planned on the computer, but the technique is centuries old. She prints her images in the ancient Japanese water-base , moku hanga technique. Her imagery is delcate and lyrical with a strong sense of design. The delicacy of her work is as strong as a spiders web, and equally as entrapping.

Vollmer exhibits and demonstrates Japanese woodblock at The Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Cherry Blossom Festival, every year since 2004. Her work has been published in “Printmaking Today” and “Contemporary Impressions”. She has exhibited at Cheryl McGnnis Gallery in NYC, Phillips Museum of Art, Silicon Gallery, and internationally.

“Reynold Ruffins”

Recent Paintings & Works On Paper

September 8 - October 15
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8,
2 - 7pm

The lively color saturated surfaces of this artist’s work underscore his fascination with the world around him. Ruffins records the everyday in a very personal way. Local bathers become acrobats, small parks for picnicking become enchanted places.
His still lifes with their formal cubist approach become architectural landscapes.
Ruffins’ career as a founding member of the famed Push Pin Studio has been a very prolific one. His designs and illustrations have been honored world wide. Ruffins work has been exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, France, Bologna, and Tokyo. He received the Augustus St. Gaudens Award for outstanding professional achievement in the arts from The Cooper Union. His work has appeared in many books on graphic design and illustration. Among others his clients have been: IBM, AT&T, Coca Cola, CBS, Scribners, Random House, etc.
This is the first exhibit of his paintings and drawings. It is especially nice that they are being unveiled so close to home.

“...& the Music Goes Round & Round”

Susanna Bergtold

Saturday, July 14 - Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 14, 2-7pm

Nature fact and fantasy combine in Bergtold's imagery.
Creatures great and small dance to her tune.
This merry-go-round of sculpture, prints, and book arts playfully engage us.
While the images let us relax and experience them through a child's eye, the execution and forms are quite sophisticated. The simplicity of form harks back to prehistoric cave paintings, and to the drawings on the Athenian vases, but Bergtold has made them her own. There is a lightness of being, and a sense of wonder that she is willing to share with us.
Susanna Bergtold's work is in the permanent collections of
The Museum of Modern Art Library, New York Public Library, Center For Book Arts,
and The Harry N. Abrams collection.


Barbara Yoshida

Saturday, May 26 - Thusday, July 5, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 26, 2-7pm
Moon Cabaret: May 26, 4pm
Rhonda Liss/ Vocalist

Romantic, mystical places call to Yoshida and her camera. Moonlight is the sole illumination for her images of the standing stones left by primitive man in his need to create. In her work you can hear the echoes of ancient, sacred mythologies, you can also feel the cool, moist primal fog. In some of her older pieces, tongue is embedded firmly in cheek, but… always… in the cool iconography, you can
feel the heat of human presence. At present she is working with her camera, and printing traditionally, pushing her mono-colored images to misty, atmospheric blues. With the eye of a painter, Yoshida also works in the photogravure process which enriches the depth of her imagery with a rich chiaroscuro. Her images travel the world. She has exhibited in far away, exotic places as well as the USA.

“UnJustifiable Creatures”

Anneli Arms
August, 2006

Fanciful etched and sculptured creatures, warm and cold blooded. Two, four and multi-legged, they confront us in the dark, and in the blazing light. Anneli is a master at giving you a chill, and a chuckle at the same time.
A long list of prestigious exhibits at home and abroad. Her work is in the permanent collections of The Library of Congress, The U.S. Department of State, and
The New York Public Library, as well as many private collections. At present Anneli's “Liberty” prints are being shown at the embassy in Uganda, along with Robert Rauschenberg and Peter Max. Anneli is a board member at The Manhattan Graphics Center, and chair of the exhibitions committee.

“Natural Selection”

Diane Miller & Frank Himmelbaum
July, 2006

Two and three dimensional forms in sensual undulating shapes and textures make up the images created by Diane and Frank. Working separately, Diane's collage, and Frank's sculptured pieces in wood or stone, reflect a synergy, and an affinity for nature. Diane's mysteriously veiled collages incorporate hand made paper, etched images and found materials. Her color can be bold or subtle like the dawn or twilight. Frank's nature inspired, organic sculptures, are smooth and lush, daring caress. They exhibit internationally, together and apart. Diane is Professor of Art, in the Department of Fine Arts at St. John's University. She has curated many group exhibits for The Manhattan Graphics Center. Frank has been an adjunct  art instructor at St. Johns, and has taught summer workshops in sculpture at Columbia University.

“Creatures of the Deep and the Shallows”

June, 2006

Artists from The Manhattan Graphics Center. The MGC is a non-profit artist cooperative printmaking studio. Artist members selected to participate in this exhibition are listed below:
Anneli Arms, Cynthia Back, Susanna Bergtold, Sally Camp, Nandini Chirimar, Danielle De Mers, Beth Ganz, Osmani Garcia, Arvind Garg, Betty Harmon, Ruth Hauser, Donald Hillel, Carmen Isasi, Matthias Kern, Bibi Lencer, Richard Lubell, Lynn Margileth, Mineko Maruyama, Meredith Mayer, Judy Mensch, Diane Miller, Marjorie Miller, Ruth Moskovitch, Eva Nikolova, Hillary North, Margaret Nussbaum, Marilyn Silberstang, Patricia Rogers, Carolyn Sheehan, Sigrid Sperzel, Barbara Spiller, Peggy Sprung, Lisa Studier, David Thomas, William C. Tucker, Caroline Waloski